Sollers Design & Testing Solutions

is devoted to supplying the finest mechanical designs, finite element analysis (FEA), and MIL-STD-810 shock response spectrum (SRS) testing.

With the in-house capability and expertise to fully design your product from start to finish, including FEA simulations, and mechanical environmental testing, we really are meeting all your mechanical design, analysis, & testing needs.



Sollers Design & Testing Solutions designs, develops, and can even manufacture all of your mechanical needs. With cutting edge software, all of your designs are created in 3-D and inserted into assemblies to verify that the completed product will be flawless. We also have the capability to create sophisticated, photorealistic renderings and animations for your website, brochures, trade show banners, e.g. If your design requires FEA simulations, then we have experienced engineers that can perform static, thermal, frequency (natural frequencies and mode shapes), buckling, drop test, and fatigue simulations. Using our design and FEA capabilities, we also design shock, pyro-shock, and vibration shaker fixtures. If your product is already designed and you only need a fixture, then all you need to do is say how high you need the first resonant frequency of the fixture to be and we will do the rest. Once you have a designed product, most industrial, military, and government products need to be environmentally tested. Sollers Design & Testing Solutions is equipped to handle all of your shock and vibration testing needs. We are world expert in shock response spectrum (SRS) testing and pseudo velocity shock spectrum (PVSS) testing. There are many environmental testing labs that can do “shock testing”; but we are among the top equipped labs in the world to perform the extremely difficult shock testing that comes about when all of your required shock response spectra are plotted on a single graph and the maximum acceleration value at each natural frequency is selected to make a single shock testing requirement.

SFSS telemetry transmitter
Photorealistic micro transmitter