If your product is being sold to any department or agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) then you will probably need some form of MIL-STD-810 environmental testing. Sollers Design & Testing Solutions is expert at shock response spectrum (SRS) testing and pseudo velocity shock spectrum (PVSS) testing. Shock and pyro-shock testing is entering into a new era and we are equipped to meet your new testing needs. The days of using half-sine pulses on a shaker to do “shock” testing are numbered because many shock testing requirements are now being developed by taking recorded time histories from accelerometers that were mounted in the real environments a product will see, and those time histories are converted to the frequency domain and their respective SRSs. To save testing time and money, all of the SRS profiles are overlaid and the overall combined peaks are used to define a single SRS that will cover all environmental scenarios. The difficulty with this is producing a handling shock in the same test as a pyro-shock (along with many other shock scenarios). The level of analysis required to meet a profile that has large acceleration peaks in multiple frequency ranges is very high and most testing labs are not equipped to do this, but Sollers Design & Testing Solutions is world expert in this area and will be able to help you with your testing needs.


Sollers Design & Testing Solutions is also able to complete your sine, sine sweep, and random vibration testing requirements including fixture design for your product. We use top of the line shakers and controllers, and with 26,000 spectral lines of resolutions and over 130 dB of dynamic range we will be able to handle any spectrum you have.